Class N°4 – Improvisation in Dance Irena Tatiboit

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Children, youth, adults

Digital product for download – language version English:
Video-presentation + 14 exercise videos + 9 music tracks + PDF-Booklet

Irena Tatiboit Educational Collection

Bourg Blanc Editions offers you the 4th Irena Tatiboit Educational Class dedicated to Dance Improvisation and presented today in a digital version. This new educational publication is intended for teachers of Contemporary Dance who would like to access new materials, insights and ideas in the practice of improvisation for their students.


Série N°4 – Improvisation en danse Irena Tatiboit est un produit numérique. En l’achetant, vous recevrez un lien de téléchargement pour enregistrer dans les sept jours la série pédagogique sous forme de fichiers numériques compressés. Cette publication comprend :

1 vidéo MP4 de présentation

Improvisation in Dance Class Irena Tatiboit is a digital product. When you purchase it, you will receive a download link to save the teaching series as compressed digital files within seven days.
This publication includes :

  • 1 MP4 video presentation
  • 14 MP4 videos of improvisation exercises
  • 9 MP3 music tracks to accompany the course
  • a PDF booklet with comments and glossary

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Full description

Class N°4

Class N°4 Improvisation in Dance includes the videos of 14 exercises :

2 exercises related to time
2 exercises related to the analysis and the structuring of the movement
1 exercise related to movement memorization
1 exercise related to energy and time
1 exercise related to expressiveness
2 exercises related to space
3 exercises related to another dancer
1 exercise related to an object
1 exercise related to the environment.

Dancers, choreographers and teachers of Contemporary Dance will find in Class N°4 – Improvisation in Dance Irena Tatiboit’s proposals of resources for their classes. Irena Tatiboit offers a personal proposal for teaching the technique of improvisation; her goal is to encourage students to develop their creativity and innovate their movements in search of a “new” movement. By eliminating all evaluation or judgements, and by leaving a great deal of room for the unexpected, the method awakens the student to a set of skills that allow him or her to be free and to feel what is unique to that person.


Original music for the class can be downloaded from the website and accompanies each improvisation exercise. They were specifically created by the composer, pianist and arranger Andriy Bondarenko who lives in Ukraine and has been working with Irena Tatiboit for many years. 

Music recording – Recording Studio of the Academy and Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, mastering – Swift Strigunow studio, sound engineer – Volodymyr Dyachenko 

Musicians – Andriy Diomin – clarinet and saxophone, Sviatoslava Semchuk – violin, Polina Kruglova – viola, Vasyl Babych – cello, Dmytro Tretyak – double bass, Volodymyr Voyt – bandura, Oleg Pakhomov – percussion


The booklet included in the publication, which can be downloaded as a PDF, contains instructions, descriptions and comments that accompany the improvisation exercises for better understanding.

The booklet also includes a comprehensive lexicon of “dance words” to allow for accurate expression of the students’ body awareness in the creative process of improvisation.

Dance is a language of the body and its teaching needs a vast array of didactic tools. It requires the development of a vocabulary, which can be adapted to meet the needs of students and teachers. Irena Tatiboit does not hesitate to « invent » in her lexicon of « dance words » which complete each publication.

Irena Tatiboit, teacher

Irena Tatiboit danced at the Polish National Ballet; she graduated from the Warsaw Opera School and the National Conservatory, and specialized in contemporary dance (Nikolais, Cunningham) in New York. For the past forty years, she has been teaching Contemporary Dance and is also a painter. She has worked as a choreographer and taught dance in public and private structures in different countries, in Poland, Malaysia, Russia, the USA, Tunisia, Spain, Portugal and France, creating more than 60 shows; in 1992 she created Le Carré d’Art in Strasbourg, a school of contemporary dance which she still directs.

Pedagogical Objectives

Class N°4 – Improvisation in Dance completes the pedagogical collection Irena Tatiboit intended for teachers of Contemporary Dance. Her personal research work on improvisation is focused on the structuring of body language, with an organization of body movements, gestures and actions. It offers a choice of answers to the key questions of technique, training of student dancers, composition and creativity in improvisation.

In this new series presented in digital version, which includes 14 videos of exercises + 9 music tracks + booklet dedicated to improvisation, the student will be able to access a new stage in the learning of dance. It is an incentive to be creative. The apprentice dancer will be initiated on the one hand to the analysis of the body components of the movement, the means of expression, the support of action and on the other hand he will acquire a taste for the exercise of invention and composition, that of reflection and the role of the unforeseen. Thus, improvisation will become a creation in its own right.


The digital version includes

1 MP4 intro video + 14 MP4 exercise videos + 9 MP3 music tracks + 1 PDF booklet

Total length of videos

54 minutes

Total duration of music

56 minutes

Number of booklet pages per language

52 pages