Our series of instructional DVDs for dance teachers has been enriched by a third volume, for children from 5 to 7 years old!

DVD3, Initiation to Dance, Irena Tatiboit


After DVD1 + CD + Book (8-10 years old) and DVD2 + CD + Book (10-14 years old) which have received an excellent welcome from dance teachers worldwide, the Carré d'Art now offers the suite of this educational series, DVD3 + CD + Book, Initiation to Dance (5-7 years old).

For six years, the very rigorous classes in this collection have taken the fundamental basics of dance and are the object of continual educational reflection by Irena Tatiboit, the director and choreographer of the Contemporary Dance School in Strasbourg, Le Carré Art.

Writing, music composition, video shooting, editing, authoring, translations, voice over recording, graphics, publishing! A magnificent team, a dozen specialists and enthusiastic technicians worked on this new series "5 to 7 years old".

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