DVD1 Modern Dance Classe

Irena Tatiboit, Children 8-10 years

Boxed Set DVD+CD+Booklet

In five languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Polish


We are pleased to offer you a Boxed Set DVD1+CD+Booklet of modern dance directed by Irena Tatiboit. With very precise descriptions, this course is a real learning object: it is not just a filmed class, but a set of instructions, with individual examples seen in close-ups, group exercises and corrections of the most common errors. The exercises are systematically broken down by the teacher to make their purpose understood. It is open to all dance enthusiasts, teachers and those who practice dance.

Boxed Set DVD1+CD+Booklet

Modern Dance Classe

Irena Tatiboit, children 8-10 years old

58€ + 6,5O€ (delivery)

64.50 €


The series of three box sets:

DVD1+CD+Book 8-10 years old + DVD2+CD+Book 10-14 years + DVD3+CD+Book 5-7 years
All 3 classes of Contemporary Dance and Initiation to Dance by Irena Tatiboit

58€ + 58€ + 58€ = 174€ 155€ (free delivery)


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The DVD1

6 Warm-up exercises on the floor
4 Exercises in the center
3 Exercises across the floor
3 Improvisation exercises

90 explanatory views with close-ups.
The exercises are detailed with extreme accuracy with commentary in 5 languages to choose from. The DVD is interactive, for computer or TV.

The CD

The CD included in the boxset fully incorporates all the original music accompanying the class.

The Booklet

The 180 page booklet contains descriptions of each movement and includes a complete glossary of terms of contemporary dance to allow for the full comprehension to lead to the accuracy of the movements. It is an effective teaching method developed by Irena Tatiboit. Each teacher can take ownership and actively invent a personal vocabulary in his or her own educational choices

Irena Tatiboit, Teacher

Pedagogical objectives of Irena Tatiboit's Modern Dance Class