Irena Tatiboit, Teacher

For almost 22 years, Irena Tatiboit  has been experimenting with this concept at the school Le Carre d'Art in Strasbourg, with the goal of annual performances with all her dancers. The Director of Le Carré d'Art intentionally had her own students perform the exercises in the video; because they are sometimes hesitant, this helps to clarify the educational progression of the exercises.

Irena Tatiboit danced with the National Ballet of Poland; she has a teaching degree from the School of the Opera of Warsaw and the National Superior Conservatory, she specialized in Modern Dance (Nicolais, Cunningham) in New York. For 30 years, she has been teaching and choreographing.

She has worked in public and private structures in different countries in the world: Poland, Malaysia, Russia, USA, TUnisia, Spain, Portugal and in France with more than 60 shows in her repertory. In 1991, she started Le Carré d'Art, a Modern Dance School, which she is still running. Irena Tatiboit also has a career in painting.

Le Carré d'Art
Irena Tatiboit, peinting
"Les pas retrouvés", a book of 20 years of the Carré d'Art (2012)