This complete booklet with much reverence, is the indispensable complement to the DVD1 of Modern Dance by Irena Tatiboit; the 16 exercises are shown with accurate and detailed descriptions that give teachers and all those involved in dance the opportunity to immediately refer to a movement, an attitude, a position.

The complete lexicon of the terms of Modern Dance by Irena Tatiboit brings a rare wealth to this booklet. This educational tool is special because it borrows its words from the world of modern dance in many areas, while being descriptive and accurate, the lexicon does not hesitate to identify vocabulary "invented" as necessary for the development of these areas, to describe the nuances and qualities of movement and sensations of it's own conduct in space and time.

This work functions as an original lexical essential dictionary, for demanding Modern Dance teachers and others who are passinate about dance, can find here, exactly everything they need that leads to the accuracy of the movement.

This booklet accompanies the floor exercises, sequences, improvisation and close-ups of the first boxed set for children 8 to 10 years old. It responds to the key issues of technology and training of dance students, composition and creativity in improvisation.